Forsyth Park?
    he most-requested venue in Savannah is up for grabs when it's time to book.  The city's world-famous Forsyth Park is often snatched-up one year in advance for popular dates.  That's because the earliest that you can book the park is 365 days before your planned wedding.  Many brides and wedding planners have called a year prior, only to find another bride or planner had called minutes before and reserved the park.  Vigilance, planning and a reliable alarm clock can help you win the venue of your dreams.
     If you do want Forsyth, another park, or any of the twenty-one available squares, you have to know and follow the rules.  Better, you need to book as soon as possible for any of the above.
    To the right is a bit of light reading from the city concerning rules, regulations and you.  Read them carefully before sending them in.
    You'll find that if you want serve alcohol you must have a permit.  You can get one for around $25.  With that, you'll need security which must be arranged by the Chatham-Savannah Metropolitan Police that will cost an additional around $160 for two police officers.
    If you rent Forsyth Park or one of the squares the first fee is a refundable $125 clean-up deposit.  The regular fee for the minimum three-hour-block of time is an additional $275 if you're from outside of Chatham County, GA.  If you're a resident the fee is $175 -- they can find you easier if you don't leave the park in good condition.  You'll get the security deposit back if the park is in food condition.  If you do not serve alcohol you must have at least one police officer for security -- $80 -- and more if your group is large.. 
    When you receive the letter of permit you will receive all of the information for arranging security, alcohol permits, electrical hook-ups as well as contact phone numbers of all of the above.

If you are a do-it-yourself bride call Chris Foran at Savannah Leisure Services Bureau at 912-351-3837.

Or, if you would rather turn the technical-stuff over to a wedding planner with "City of Savannah" experience go to the Savannah Wedding Tourism Council website to find qualified wedding planners .
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